4 technologies that are helping posts to cut lines and increase sales
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4 technologies that are helping posts to cut lines and increase sales

Posted by Sean Pender on Nov 5, 2018 12:36:22 PM
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4 technologies that are helping posts to cut lines and increase sales

Take a second to think about this question: When was the last time you truly didn’t feel busy?

Whether it’s for personal or business reasons, it’s increasingly clear that time is the greatest commodity of all – and now Posts are giving it back to their customers.

Innovative organizations are shedding tradition and taking advantage of new digital and physical solutions to cut waiting times for consumers and increase sales in the process.

Learning From Other Posts

Before diving into the investments that Posts are making to provide better customer service, it’s important to understand why they’re doing so.

The global Postal industry is more competitive than ever as startups try to cut into market share by providing greater accessibility and convenience built around consumers’ needs. But the companies most prepared for the shift have maintained their standing as high performers, and Accenture has identified how they’ve done it through its “Achieving High Performance in the Post and Parcel Industry” study.

When it comes to mail services, the consulting and professional services firm found that high performers:

  • Place a premium on streamlining processes through automation to promote efficiency.
  • Find different strategies to help customers send, collect and receive mail much easier.
  • Innovate within the labor force while still meeting evolving customer demands.

With parcel services, Accenture discovered that high performers in the industry:

  • Leverage the popularity of smartphones to build a customer-centric – or optimized channel – strategy that lets people manage the process from a mobile device.
  • Lean on non-traditional delivery options to provide a variety of choices as to where to pick up or send parcels.
  • Expand services for consumers and streamline them for businesses.

These are just a few of the initiatives that Postal technology is enabling organizations to take on – and the overwhelming majority are following the path most traveled. One example: Ninety-six percent of respondents to the Escher Future of Posts survey either already equip mail carriers with Mobile Point-Of-Service (POS) tools, or plan to within the next 12 months.

Digital solutions like Mobile POS let Posts deploy a customer-centric strategy that significantly improves the consumer experience – in some cases, reinventing it altogether. In turn, Posts are seeing more revenue opportunities compared to a traditional setting that forces people to visit a physical location between regular business hours.

Here are the four Postal technologies that help organizations cut lines and increase sales in the process:

1. Mobile POS for Customers

We start with the most obvious solution: putting Posts in the hands of customers. Mobile POS solutions for customers are highly customizable platforms that bring the array of functionality and service you’d traditionally find in a Post Office via a smartphone.

They help Posts cut lines by letting people start their transactions from their home and finish them at the Post office or Pick-Up/Drop-Off spot. This vastly reduces the time they need to spend at the physical location, freeing up resources to tend to the needs of other customers.

Furthermore, making more transactions and products available through the Mobile POS tool simultaneously increases their visibility. When it’s easier to purchase a product, customers are more likely to complete the buyer’s journey.

2. Mobile POS for Mail Carriers

By making the customer journey more efficient, Posts can drive new revenue opportunities. One of the innovations that high performers are latching onto is the empowered mail carrier through the Mobile POS solution.

The digital platform can be accessed from any mobile device and enables mail carriers to facilitate a number of transactions from the door step of a residence or business, as well as identify optimal routes for delivery.

A successful Mobile POS initiative encourages consumers to conduct more transactions away from the Post Office because of the ease of access to services. Simplified door-to-door service can create more revenue opportunities than forcing customers to visit a physical location.

3. Self-Service Kiosks

We live in an increasingly fast-paced world. If customers have to visit the Post Office, organizations should do all they can to make it a quick journey.

Self-Service Kiosks offer consumers a variety of functionalities that lets them:

  • Send parcels and mails domestically and internationally.
  • Purchase Postal products and other retail items.
  • View and manage the customer loyalty program.
  • Complete applications for eGovernment transactions.

These self-contained platforms help to break up lines of customers, allowing them to quickly access a service and be on their way.

4. Pick-Up/Drop-Off Locations

We all have times where we wish we could be in two places at once. With Pick-Up/Drop-Off Locations, Posts now can.

Postal Operators can affordably expand their reach by tapping into an existing network of retail outlets who can handle a wide array of traditional Postal functions. These responsibilities include:

  • Sending and receiving parcels for customers.
  • Selling Postal products for longer hours than traditional Post Offices are open for.
  • Providing more opportunities with less traffic, making it easy for consumers to interact with Post.

Convenience is key to increasing revenue opportunities and sales. Enabling access to the Post at a greater variety of hours and locations is just one way to meet that requirement.

Contact Escher Group to learn more about how your Postal organization can start cutting lines at the Post office.

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