4th Small Posts and Islands Postal Forum
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4th Small Posts and Islands Postal Forum

Posted by Ciaran Hurley on Apr 27, 2018 1:57:04 PM

4th Small Posts and Islands Postal Forum

Last week Escher proudly sponsored the 4th Small Posts and Islands Postal Forum in Larnaca, Cyprus.

With attendees from every corner of the globe, including the Faroe Islands, Seychelles and the Åland islands this unique forum focuses on the opportunities and challenges faced by postal operators in small jurisdictions.


The key topics discussed

  • How small post are embracing eCommerce
  • Challenges that each of the small postal organisations are facing
  • New emerging technologies within each post including consumer apps, online platforms for ordering mail and the introduction of government service centers

Something that was highlighted by all attendees was how Posts can diversify their services in order to gain a competitive advantage and stay relevant with their own customers. One of the most exciting presentations to touch on this topic came from Festus Hangula, CEO of Nampost who spoke about how they have diversified their profit over the last 10 years from -1% of their profit coming from financial services in 2009 to almost 55% of their profit in 2017 coming from the same area.

Throughout all insightful presentations, we saw many examples of how Posts are diversifying their services. Did you know the Faroe Islands Post are now delivering fresh fish to Beijing by land, sea and air in just 23 hours to tap into the huge fishing industry in the country. This has dramatically increased the logistics turnover within their business model.

Maldives Post have created an eCommerce marketplace to allow local SMEs to create a virtual shop at the post office and sell their products within the country using the postal delivery network. It is innovations like this that will ensure the Posts will continue to grow in the current eCommerce market.



Finally, we would like to say a special thanks to Cyprus Post for hosting the 2018 Small Posts and Islands Postal Forum at the beautiful coastal town of Larnaca.


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