Agent networks: The easy way to extend the services of posts
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Agent networks: The easy way to extend the services of posts

Posted by Sean Pender on Jul 3, 2018 3:37:55 PM
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Agent networks: The easy way to extend the services of posts

Keeping up with consumer trends can be difficult and come with a high cost. For the United States Postal Service (USPS), that figure reaches $800 million annually, according to a report from the Office of the Inspector General.

That’s the yearly cost for the well-funded organization to rent its 23,000 post offices, some of which have been specifically built to meet the growing need of its customers for more flexibility and convenience.

While the USPS is just one of many Postal Operators experiencing this market shift, not every company has the financial capacity or the physical space to expand its product offerings the same way. Instead, savvy executives are turning to agent networks as an affordable, agile approach to providing better customer service.

How Creative Posts Turn Expansion on its Head with Agent Network Mobile Apps

Traditional growth has been closely associated with opening new physical locations. In the past, conventional Posts often worked with third-party vendors to source a variety of needs:

Coupled with ongoing operating costs, licensing fees and any necessary renovations, the ventures could quickly run up expenses that could potentially exceed the expected incoming revenue.

Agent networks have emerged as an option that provides the same presence, reliability and convenience of new locations, but without the significant investment.

Agent Networks Mobile Apps: What They Are, and How They Work

Postal Operators who may not have the budget to invest in additional Post Office locations can access an existing network of retail outlets to provide the level of customer service the ‘always-on’ consumer expects in the era of eCommerce.

Its success hinges on a unique mobile solution called an Agent Network Mobile App, which is customized to provide every location with a Point-Of-Service platform to facilitate:

  • Parcel receiving and sending.
  • Stamp, package and other Postal item purchasing.
  • Financial obligations.

The options are nearly unlimited given that the Agent mobile apps are developed specifically for your organisation. The apps allows Postal Operators to provide consumers with the core services they need at their convenience, rather than forcing them into specific hours or certain locations.

Training is kept straightforward and to the point through the simplicity of the mobile solution, ensuring that retail outlets are able to get staff up to speed quickly. In turn, Posts can extend their operating times without interruption to provide a seamless experience for their customers.

Benefits of Agent Network Mobile Apps

An agent network is a unique investment that brings a return to all three parties sitting at the table.

Postal Operators see a wide range of advantages through its introduction, including:

  • Quickly and affordably placing trained staff in physical locations.
  • Providing parcel collection and sending convenience in line with the standards of an increasingly competitive industry.
  • Greatly expanding the hours of operation to fit the needs of consumers.
  • Improving the revenue of eCommerce related transactions.

Retail outlets in the agent network are quick to join due to:

  • New sources of revenue and increased traffic through sales and collection of Postal products.
  • The seamless introduction of service through streamlined training, primarily thanks to simplified hardware and software - A mobile device and portable printer.

Ultimately, customers benefit most due to the:

  • Convenience of sending and receiving parcels, buying Postal supplies and handling financial obligations depending on an individual’s varying schedule and location.
  • Streamlined process of dealing with Posts, including less time waiting in line and more opportunities for transactions.
  • Complete flexibility in tending to eCommerce needs.

Ecommerce is at the heart of consumer convenience and now Postal Operators are welcoming it with open arms. But expansion doesn’t always have to be traditional as agent networks provide an agile, affordable approach to extending the footprint of Posts.


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