Empower postal employees with mPos
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Empower postal employees with mPos

Posted by Ciaran Hurley on May 22, 2018 4:28:53 PM

Empower postal employees with mPoS

What’s the best thing about shopping in an Apple store?

Maybe it’s that staff can help you the moment you walk in the store. Using their mobile devices, they can answer questions, place orders, even take payments - no more waiting in line.


This trend to empower staff is gaining momentum across other retail stores. Today, assistants can help with queries, prices, and orders – all while using a hand-held Mobile Point of Service (mPOS) device.

mPOS empowers employees to perform transactions directly on the floor taking the pressure off traditional touchpoints, such as the counter.

So, what does this mean for Posts?

As part of digital transformation, how can we use mPOS to achieve strategic goals that attract, convert, and retain more consumers?


Defining Strategic Goals

The postal business model is changing.

eCommerce, parcel deliveries, and mobile devices are challenging Posts to redefine the way they deliver products and services.

To compete in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, Posts are becoming more strategic in how they interact with consumers whether online, in the post office, at external locations, or at their doorstep.

mPOS devices help Posts achieve these goals by:

  • Helping foster a consumer-centric mindset among employees
  • Improving engagement levels
  • Performing payment-related transactions away from the counter


Enhancing the Consumer Experience

Escher-mobile-mPOSToday’s consumers expect a quick, frictionless experience when shopping.

mPOS devices help Posts improve the consumer experience by empowering employees to proactively offer assistance, run inventory queries, and take payments directly in the lobby.

Armed with an mPOS device, employees can help consumers on the floor, opening the opportunity to cross- and up-sell more products and services. For example, an employee can recommend an item by consulting the consumer’s order history, or offer an on-the-spot discount.

By streamlining the shopping experience, Posts can reduce shopping abandonment rates, encourage repeat visits, and generate positive ‘word of mouth’ recommendations - which ultimately lead to new consumers, and more revenues.


Accepting Multiple Payment Types

We use less cash than ever.

More than a third of Europeans and Americans said they would be willing to go cash-free and use electronic payments if they could – with at least 20 percent already doing so –according to an Ipsos survey for the ING bank’s website eZonomics.

The simplicity of tapping with your card or phone means you no longer need to carry coins and notes in your physical wallet.  

For Posts, the shift towards digital presents an opportunity to let consumers pay with their phones and cards when buying items – instead of forcing them to go to the counter.

Using a payment-enabled mPOS device, Posts can perform transactions anywhere, anytime. Employees can place orders without having to scan credit cards by using the consumer’s digital wallets. Instead of printing paper receipts, they can email it directly to the consumer’s inbox.

Escher provides Posts with mPOS technologies that work on different devices and operating systems, ranging from smartphones to tablets to wireless terminals.


Reducing Waiting Lines

Crowd in post officeEver got stuck in a slow line? After five minutes, you’re gone.

With mPOS, you never have to wait in line again.

During peak periods, such as Christmas and Black Friday, we just don’t have time to wait. With mPOS, employees can approach you the moment you walk in the lobby.

By training employees to ‘meet and greet’ visitors, you can encourage consumers to stay, address queries, and process transactions - without them having to visit the counter.



Performing Price & Inventory Lookup

Ever asked a shop assistant a simple question… only to get passed to someone else… who’s serving another customer?

We all get frustrated when this happens.

As mPOS is connected to the central management system, employees can help consumers without ever leaving their side. For example, if they have a simple query regarding pickup times, stock availability, or just want to buy something — the mPOS device can perform these tasks.


Providing Consultative Selling

“Would you like to look at the wine list?”

You’ve probably heard something like this when out for a nice meal. The Maître D will help you choose a nice wine to complement your meal.

In the same way, postal employees can use mPOS to make helpful recommendations, for example:

“Would you like to insure that item? I can get the price for you.”

“Do you need any special type of packaging for that? I can show you some samples.”

“Would you like the price to send it overnight?”

This type of consultative selling - in particular, where it adds real value to the consumer’s experience – ensures the consumer is more likely to complete the transaction.



Today’s consumers are super busy, use less cash than ever, and expect a fast, frictionless shopping experience.

mPOS meets these requirements. It enables postal employees to perform a wide range of transactions in the lobby, take pressure off the counter, and convert prospects into long-term consumers.

As a total solutions provider to the postal industry, Escher helps Posts increase revenues and improve customer satisfaction with mPOS. It’s efficient, affordable, and provides excellent value for money for Posts of all different sizes.


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