Escher Modernizes Global Posts with Customer Engagement Platform
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Escher Modernizes Global Posts with Customer Engagement Platform

Posted by Sean Pender on Jan 30, 2019 6:00:00 AM
Sean Pender
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Escher Modernizes Global Posts with Customer Engagement Platform

New Escher leadership focuses on posts’ customer-centric digital transformation to enable them to do business with their customers on their terms

Escher, the company transforming postal and courier markets globally with its industry-leading and innovative customer engagement platform, today shared its vision for enabling posts to embrace digital transformation and drive superior customer experience with greater speed and better economics. As the only customer engagement software for posts and with 35 postal and courier customers globally, Escher will continue offering posts innovative software that enables them to compete with private shipping companies.

The Problem Posts Face

In today’s digitally disruptive world, all customers require a seamless experience no matter where they are engaging. Senders and receivers of shipments expect interactive solutions and choices when it comes to retail services. Customers also expect to have the option to do business online and from any device. Customers want fast and reliable services, flexible and secure payment solutions, on-demand returns services and the ability to perform and adjust transactions on their own time and in the location of their choosing. Automating and streamlining business processes enables postal and courier operations to improve customer interaction and retention and increase efficiency.

“Today’s postal customers have options for doing business, and we are focused on helping postal operators and couriers meet customers’ high expectations by evolving into digitally-driven, multi-channeled organizations. The Escher platform goes beyond a counter solution in posts’ retail stores. We help posts meet customer demands on their terms,” said Nick Manolis, chief executive officer of Escher.

How a Customer-Focused Engagement Platform Cuts Costs and Improves Bottom Line

With Escher, post customers can complete their business in several ways -- including at third-party locations, kiosks, expanded pick-up drop-off (PUDO) locations and mobile point-of-sale. New points of engagement can be operationalized in hours, services can be rolled out in days and third-party services can be introduced overnight. Escher has the only customer-focused platform for postal and courier operations that enables transactions to continue when the network loses power or goes down.

Escher also enables posts to do business on any operating system -- Microsoft, iOS or Android -- allowing posts to extend their operations to any third-party location with a mobile device or even to the customer’s doorstep.

“At Escher, we understand postal and courier operations and the pressures and constraints they face, and we have invested over $80MN in R+D for customer-focused technology. We are dedicated to helping modernize postal and courier operations using the expertise we have gained over two decades in helping to transform over 35 postal and courier operations globally and processing more than two billion transactions annually,” added Manolis.

Escher Leadership Dedicated to Transforming Posts

Since joining Escher as CEO in October, Manolis has focused on adding industry experts to the executive team and board. Kevin Gilliland, former CEO of retail within Post Office Ltd, recently joined the company’s advisory board. During his time with Post Office Ltd, Gilliland was responsible for converting more than 7,500 Post Offices to new operating models, which played a major role in Post Office Ltd making a profit for the first time in 16 years. Pieter Kunz, a former member of the executive board of PostNL, who was responsible for one of the largest restructurings in the history of the Dutch post, has also joined as an advisor.


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