From Uncertainty to Opportunity: How Posts Can Deliver Faster, Cheaper, and Better
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From Uncertainty to Opportunity: How Posts Can Deliver Faster, Cheaper, and Better

Posted by Maddison Manolis on Jun 14, 2019 10:00:00 AM

From Uncertainty to Opportunity: How Posts Can Deliver
Faster, Cheaper, and Better

Delivering through times of uncertainty is no easy task, yet postal operators and couriers do so every day. From the massive growth in eCommerce activity resulting in the exponential increase in parcel volumes, to higher demands from customers for greater visibility, tracking, and control,  to expectations for same or next day delivery, simplified returns process, and dynamic delivery, many posts are coping with changes from the demand side as best they can with traditional models and incremental technology improvements.


Yet the industry is changing at a rapid pace with intense competition, the need to increase delivery frequencies, the addition of parcel boxes, lockers for delivery and collection, and more. While posts are navigating these industry changes, they continue to face existing challenges – such as controlling costs, improving first-time delivery rates, logistics of parcel storage, and holiday peaks, to name a few.


If we take a step back, delivering through times of uncertainty appears to be quite an uphill battle for posts with no relief in sight.


So how can posts be successful in times of uncertainty? Even better, how can posts turn this uncertainty into an opportunity?


At Escher, we see technology as a key enabler, helping posts to innovate and roll out new services much more quickly, to reduce costs, and offer a truly better customer experience – all of which are critical to remain successful. And the best opportunities for posts to focus on today can be found in the first and last mile. At WMX Europe, we’ll be demonstrating many solutions that have helped over 35 postal operators and couriers with their first and last mile challenges while reducing costs, growing their revenue, and providing an outstanding experience for their customers.


Join Us at WMX Europe

Jeremy Folkes, Chief Product Officer of Escher will be speaking at the 2019 World Mail & Express Europe Conference, held this year at Croke Park in Dublin, Ireland. During his presentation on the afternoon of June 18th, Jeremy will be discussing the current landscape, first and last mile technologies and how they’re helping posts dramatically reduce costs, and improve the customer experience.

Solving First and Last Mile Challenges with PUDO Networks, Kiosks, Mobile and More

One of the key methods to solving any first or last mile challenge is by leveraging a network of Pick-Up Drop-Off locations. During Jeremy’s presentation, he’ll be sharing details about two very large posts and how they’ve

leveraged PUDO networks to solve their first and last mile challenges (you won’t want to miss this). But, there are two more technologies that help round out the first and last mile solutions, and we’ll be showcasing them at the conference at stand two.

Our technology experts will be providing attendees with live demos of Escher’s automated self-service kiosk and induction technology, as well as our mobile point-of-service solution. Members of Escher’s leadership team and product experts will be at the conference ready to address any questions and will be helping attendees better understand how PUDO networks, kiosks, and mobile point-of-service solutions can reduce costs and provide a far better experience for their customers. Pre-book now to guarantee your demo and meeting time.


Would you like to learn more about our purpose-built customer engagement platform that enables posts and couriers to do business with their customers anywhere, anytime, across any device or OS.? If so and if you’d like to speak with Jeremy or one of our experts at WMX Europe, get in touch with us now.



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