How mobile post empowers on-the-go consumers
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How mobile post empowers on-the-go consumers

Posted by Ciaran Hurley on Jul 31, 2018 4:50:20 PM

How mobile post empowers on-the-go consumers

In the digital age, consumers expect more from their favorite brands. They want an easy process with same-day delivery and seamless customer support.

Customer experience is at the forefront of modern business – and it’s giving savvy companies a competitive advantage.

Understand your customers and how to make their lives easier and you’ll earn their loyalty. Improving the customer experience doesn’t have to be a big buck investment either: mobile apps, for example, are making it easier than ever for businesses to connect with consumers, be it through quick purchases or loyalty schemes.

Postal Operators can seize the moment to provide seamless convenience and reimagine Post through mobile consumer apps.

Finding a Way to Connect with Customers

For some people, their world revolves around a smartphone. This isn’t a small portion of the population either: 63 percent of global mobile users glance at their screen once every 30 minutes, while roughly 20 percent do so every five minutes, On Device Research found.

People are never far from their phones, which is why eCommerce has become such a large part of the economy. In fact, an average of 22 percent of global mobile users are on their smartphone for more than six hours a day.

The ‘always-on’ consumer purchases the next must-have item with the tap of a button, racking up loyalty points from the mobile app in the process. Excellent customer service is a byproduct of the digital revolution, and it’s swaying where shoppers go. Roughly 47 percent of people would move to a competitor just 24 hours after a poor customer service experience.

That’s damning.

Executives are finding that having a mobile platform for users is important: roughly two-thirds of companies who didn’t have a digital solution for devices saw a dip in customer loyalty over 2017.

Making Post Mobile

Postal Operators can greatly benefit from introducing a mobile app for their customers. The industry is growing more competitive by the day, and start-ups with convenient pick-up and drop-off times are taking market share.

Consumer apps are an excellent opportunity to extend the Post’s network, meet the demands of the always-on consumer and gain the market’s loyalty. The solution can be customized to an organization’s unique product offering, which could include functionalities like:

  • Scheduling pick-up and drop-off locations and times.
  • Receiving notifications and tracking parcel delivery.
  • Collecting special offers or coupons.
  • Signing up for a loyalty scheme, or a point-based system that offers rewards.
  • Managing a variety of financial obligations.
  • Viewing order history and downloading eReceipts

Everything from the layout and design, to product and security is fully configurable. Ongoing support is included to ensure that Postal Operators can quickly react to market trends and deploy innovative features before their competitors do.

Benefits of Mobile Post

Connecting with the daily routine and various issues that arise in consumers’ lives is the first step towards building a better customer experience. Providing a solution that meets their needs and is readily available in the palm of their hands is what turns a good company into a great one.

Consumer apps for Post offer a wide range of benefits to the consumer:

  • Empower customers to conduct transactions whenever and wherever.
  • Ability to start transactions at home or on-the-go and finish them in the Post Office for a smooth omni-channel experience.
  • Administration over drop-off and pick-up times or locations with a couple of taps.
  • Pay for a wide range of products or services through the app, and handle other financial obligations.
  • Earn loyalty points and rewards for using a method that saves time.

Consumer apps for Post are also advantageous for Postal Operators:

  • Run and monetize apps that improve how people interact with Post.
  • Gather data from interactions that can be used to fuel decision-making.
  • Improve speed and the volume of transactions due to seamless nature.
  • Develop better brand loyalty and curate the customer experience.

The future of consumerism is in your pocket or the palm of your hand, and it’s time that Postal Operators capitalize on that.

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