Is mobile point of service (mPos) suited to your post?
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Is mobile point of service (mPos) suited to your post?

Posted by Sean Pender on May 29, 2018 3:16:23 PM
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Is mobile point of service (mPOS) suited to your Post?

Want to get rid of those lines at your post office?

Want to improve the in-store experience?

mPOS might be the answer.

ABI Research report that the installed base of mPOS devices is set to increase fivefold over a five-year forecast period, reaching the 51 million mark in 2019, or 46% of the overall POS.

As part of strategic transformation, Posts are now looking towards mPOS to provide:

  • In-the-lobby payment capabilities
  • Enable new value-added services
  • Modernize the consumer experience
  • Streamline the checkout experience
  • Extend inventory management, CRM, accounting, and payments

What should Posts consider when looking to implement an mPOS solution?


Would mPOS help your Post?

Using mPOS technology, Posts can transform a smartphone, tablet, or wireless device into a mobile cash register or POS terminal.

Some of the key benefits that mPOS provides are the ability to:

  • Save costs by migrating transactions from the counter to mPOS devices
  • Provide a faster, more streamlined experience that leads to more sales
  • Free up valuable real estate otherwise used by counter POS systems
  • Develop better consumer profiles with more accurate data


Empower the Front Line

In the battle to win more market share, employees are the Post’s front line.

Armed with payment-enabled mPOS devices, employees have the capacity to drive sales by satisfying customers and improving the shopping experience.

Posts can empower front line staff by providing access to the consumer’s order history, real-time inventory details, and product information.

mPOS technology also supports contactless payment solutions which further enables employees to drive consumer convenience and foster brand loyalty.


Leverage Realtime Data

Data gives Posts a competitive edge.

mPOS provides real-time analytics of consumer behavior. Posts can use this to optimize products and services, refine marketing strategies, and increase consumer loyalty.

mPOS systems help Posts gather, access, and leverage consumer data. This empowers employees to access consumer data using the mPOS device, allowing them to reward a valued consumer, for example, with a gift voucher.


Develop Better Consumer Profiles

Want to significantly improve consumer engagement?

Accurate data provides insights on which products provide the best returns, where services can be optimized, and how to resolve underlying issues.

By connecting mPOS to other point of service channels, Posts can gather sufficient data to analyze consumer behavior, product performance, and emerging trends within the post office.  

In other words, instead of guessing what consumers might like to buy, Posts can run multi-channel marketing campaigns, and upsell/cross-sell complementary partner services based on their in-depth consumer profiles.

By pro-actively serving customers better, Posts can improve the in-store experience, drive higher levels of consumer satisfaction, and strengthen brand loyalty.


Never Lose Another Consumer

Ever left a store when shopping because the line was too long?

Using mPOS, employees can proactively approach consumers as they enter the branch and complete transaction in the lobby without them having to go to the counter.


Sell More Products

When I go to McDonald’s I use self-service to order, then tap to pay. It’s simple and fast.

Posts can offer something similar to busy customers.

With mPOS you can sell more products faster and accept payments instead of sending customers to the counter. Employees can use mPOS to check inventory, take orders, apply discounts, and accept multiple forms of payment – all leading to more sales.


Quicker Transition Times

It’s never been easier to buy.

When shopping online, Amazon’s 1-Click ordering and other eCommerce tools have raised the bar in terms of transaction times.

When shopping offline, customers now expect a similar frictionless shopping experience.

Posts can meet this expectation by using mPOS to accept contactless credit cards and speed up transaction times.

Accept Virtual Wallets

Tap to pay. It couldn’t be easier.

Apple Pay and other virtual wallets are gaining popularity and will soon be mainstream. Contactless payment solutions allow consumers to use their phones to pay for goods and services.

For Posts to stay relevant they need to accept these types of payments.

That’s where mPOS comes in.

NFC-enabled mPOS solutions are quick to implement, inexpensive, and allow Posts of all sizes to accept contactless payments on the floor and integrate value-added services, such as loyalty and rewards.


Fresh Consumer Data

Online retailers have massive databases on their customers.

As Posts enter the digital economy, it’s more important than ever to have an accurate consumer database.

Using mPOS, Posts can sync consumer data across multiple channels, allowing them to gather and use data at every touchpoint - including purchase history, frequently-ordered items, loyalty accounts, gift cards and more.


Solicit Better Feedback

What do consumers really think of your products?

It’s more important than ever to know your consumer. One way to do this is to proactively seek feedback, then feed it back to employees in the lobby.

For example, when you send out a digital receipt, you can use this to gather feedback. Many customers will provide feedback using their phone before even leaving the branch.

You can then feed this information back into the system and made available via mPOS.

Employees can use this data to improve the consumer experience the next time they enter – giving Posts a competitive edge, boosting consumer loyalty, and maximizing each branch’s potential.



The world’s going mobile. As mobile technology is changing the way we shop, Posts need to respond by offering consumers a fast, frictionless experience at the post office.

As a total solutions provider to the postal industry, Escher helps Posts refine the consumer experience. Using mPOS devices, postal employees can perform transactions in the lobby, reduce pressure on the counter, and improve the consumer experience.


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