MobileRiposte helps logistics business expand its postal service
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MobileRiposte helps logistics business expand its postal service

Posted by Sean Pender on Jun 21, 2018 3:57:27 PM
Sean Pender
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MobileRiposte helps logistics business expand its postal service

We’re living in the age of convenience and consumers are taking full advantage of the power of the internet.

The ease of ordering online via a phone or tablet is driving the trend’s growth, and it’s a theme that’s fueling a shift in the industry with online shopping expected to account for 38 percent of total European retail sales by 2021

Over 75 percent of shoppers want same-day shipping, and nearly 66 percent would like to receive the parcels in just a few hours. Conversely, less than one-third of shoppers want to pay for these improved services, leaving postal operators in a difficult spot.

To meet demand, they need to expand their delivery and sending network at an affordable price to provide more convenient service.

A major European logistics businesses teamed up with Escher Group to tackle the problem head-on.

Keeping Up With The Growth of eCommerce

With 12,000 postal retail outlets across Europe, the logistics company understood the growing need for more convenience for consumers for pick up, drop off and delivery of parcels. Consumers want postal services to be accessible during increasingly hectic schedules

The business aimed to expand its reach and improve customers’ experiences by establishing 15,000 new remote locations through an agent network partnership. These third-party outlets are equipped to handle parcel delivery and sending, as well as other postal transactions, allowing people to access the Post on their own terms.

Remote locations allowed the client to expand its reach tremendously, at an affordable price point. This provided the best path to achieving maximum return on investment for the project. Furthermore, it understood its consumer base was an ‘always-on’ consumer; they demand access to their parcels and services based on their schedule. This is the generation driving growth in the eCommerce market, making remote locations an attractive opportunity.

The strategy required back-end digital integration with each individual outlet’s point-of-service system in place to facilitate transaction processes. The POS also allowed the sending and receiving of information from the logistics company or customers.

Given that the business had been an Escher Group client since 1998, developing over 20,000 counter workstations during that time, the decision was simple. They turned to Escher to identify the most cost-effective strategy to provide these remote locations with hardware that could easily integrate with their existing systems, while still being a viable solution to conduct transactions.

Putting The Power of Post on Mobile

Escher leveraged its MobileRiposte™ platform to develop a unique software that would fit the logistics company’s needs. The end result was a solution that could:

  • Facilitate a large volume of predetermined and unique transactions.
  • Print receipts for customers.
  • Map to individual third-party outlet’s needs.
  • Operate on standard-issue mobile device and with minimal user training.

This strategy allowed the logistics business to provide each remote location with a starter-kit: mobile devices pre-loaded with MobileRiposte™, a login card, a Bluetooth printer and a user manual. Pre-installing the software and keeping educational literature to a minimum allowed the company to immediately roll out the system to 11,500 remote locations in just three months during 2015.

Initially striving for 15,000 new partners, the company realized how simple it was to continue to expand using MobileRiposte™ and the pre-fabricated starter kit. It decided to increase its target number of remote locations over the next year.

In 2016, the logistics business saw over 24.4 million messages sent using the system for a variety of actions, including a peak of 200,000 in one day. The mobile devices enabled remote staff to complete transactions in a matter of minutes. The entire project greatly expanded the company’s reach with its consumers, allowing it to grow its sales revenue and provide unparalleled customer service.

The eCommerce trend is driven by the growth of smartphones, but the mobile devices are also giving innovative postal operators a competitive edge in maintaining the high volume of parcel collection and delivery.


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