Trends That Drive Innovation
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Trends That Drive Innovation

Posted by Maddison Manolis on Jul 9, 2019 4:00:00 PM

Trends That Drive Innovation

As these trends unfold, we’ll see big changes in the increasingly competitive delivery market, but innovation will help every player up their game

As technology evolves, it's often in the large, consumer facing industries where we witness the biggest impact of innovative breakthroughs. This is especially true in the post and parcels market where the surge in ecommerce activity has pushed the limits of existing infrastructure. The only way posts, couriers, and really, any company that is connected to the massive ecommerce ecosystem has been able to cope, is through innovation.

Indeed, ecommerce has been a mega trend that has profoundly changed the way companies - posts and couriers in particular – operate. In response, we’ve seen innovations in the area of mobile POS, self-service kiosks, fully self-service post offices, enhanced PUDO technology, and storage locker networks to name a few. These innovations continue to be adopted by postal operators around the world. It’s clear that trends spur innovation and innovation in turn, drives further trends.

So, what’s next? We’re already experiencing the innovative breakthroughs in response to ecommerce. Let’s examine two other growing trends that are poised to drive further innovation.


Environment and Sustainability

When we think of this space, green technology often comes to mind and many forward-thinking companies are already meeting the growing demands of customers who demand eco-friendly solutions.

As the trend of environment and sustainability continues, postal operators will increasingly look for innovative ways to adapt. Take for instance home delivery services. Today, it’s very fragmented with hot meals being delivered by one service, subscription boxes through another, consumer packaged goods through another, and so forth.

As this trend continues, consumer demand will coalesce around a desire to streamline this process both to reduce environmental impact as well as personal convenience. Imagine a world where all the above are accomplished in a single delivery. This trend will birth innovations that provide greater efficiencies in deliveries, but also innovations that help lower emissions, and improve electric vehicles. Posts and couriers will also increasingly strike strategic and collaborative partnerships towards achieving these delivery efficiencies and will be favoured by consumers for their innovative efforts.


Timing and Access

In an increasingly on-demand environment, customer access and convenience are paramount to obtaining and increasing market share. The consumer is more in control now than ever and increasingly wants their postal operator to work on their schedule. This trend is set to continue and will lead to several innovative breakthroughs to meet rising demands from the consumer.

Trends that Drive InnovationAs consumers demand greater control and flexibility over their deliveries, we'll see greater innovations in enhanced access to PUDO locations, tracking and delivery, data usage, real-time analytics, and more.


The demand for increased control over timing of deliveries, including nights and weekends, accessibility beyond the traditional 9-5 business model, dynamic deliveries and real-time changes to when and where their items are delivered will all lead to further innovations in enhanced access to PUDO locations, data usage improvements and software development to improve tracking and delivery, as well as real-time analytics. And once again, we’ll see greater collaboration and partnerships between posts, couriers, retailers, last mile providers, delivery companies, and technology providers.

As the above trends continue, strategic, outside-the-box thinking across the entire industry will need to take centre stage in order to evolve. Early adopters will have the opportunity to be the innovators and thought leaders which drive the conversation and set the early standards to be built upon.

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