Why The First and Last Mile Will No Longer Be a Challenge
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Why The First and Last Mile Will No Longer Be a Challenge

Posted by Maddison Manolis on Jun 11, 2019 5:45:00 PM

Why The First and Last Mile Will No Longer Be a Challenge


From too many failed first deliver attempts and escalating costs, to lack of storage space for parcels, combined with the customer’s expectation of convenience, flexibility, and speed at every step of the delivery process, the challenges of last mile can seem insurmountable. And we certainly can’t ignore the first mile as well. Return delivery costs in the U.S. were $381 billion in 2017 and are expected to climb to $550 billion by 2020. This increase in returns combined with the rising expectation by customers for a more simplified returns process, is creating a real challenge for retailers, posts, couriers, as well consumers.

First and Last Mile Challenges Are Everywhere

Yet, it’s important to point out that first mile and last mile challenges aren’t unique to just the postal and courier sector. Similar challenges exist in many areas of the economy and our lives. Have you ever thought about the challenges of organ delivery? Transportation of an organ from the donor to the recipient (who may be a thousand miles apart) without compromising its viability is very complicated, expensive, and fraught with inefficiencies.


Collaboration Leads to Innovative Breakthroughs

Recently, a multidisciplined team of experts from across private, public, and not-for-profit put their heads together to solve the organ delivery challenge, leveraging an unmanned drone and supporting technologies to successfully deliver this live saving organ to its recipient for transplant.


Innovative breakthroughs like this do not happen by chance. And the same deliberate, concentrated effort, and collaboration among experts can be applied to any first and last mile scenario, including the ones faced by posts and couriers. This is why the first mile and last mile will not be a challenge in the very near future.


Over the years at Escher, we’ve put a great deal thought, planning, and resources into first and last mile innovation.  However, the most encouraging point to convey is that the technology that will lead the industry toward greater first and last mile innovative breakthroughs does exist today. 


Escher has over 25 years of experience and we’ve helped over 35 postal operators and couriers reduce costs, grow revenue, and provide an outstanding experience for their customers. Do you have a first or last mile challenge you’d like to run by us? Would you like to learn more about our purpose-built customer engagement platform that enables posts and couriers to do business with their customers anywhere, anytime, across any device or OS.? We want to hear from you!

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